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Howdy Partner!

Hey guys!!! Noelle Foley here, coming at you live from my very own website! I’ve been thinking about creating my own website for literally years and years now and I thought right now would be the perfect time!

To be quite honest, I’ve been bored out of my mind while being stuck at home and quarantining! All I do is sleep, watch a ton of shows, and eat way too many snacks! But I think we’re all at that point by now, so we'll get through this together!

Not only did I create a website, and my own little shop, but I created a blog too, which you are reading right now! Woohoo! Sometimes I have a lot to say and rant about, but there’s not always enough room on Twitter or Instagram to get it all out, so ALAKAZAM HERE I AM ;)

On my blog I will be discussing different topics from my favorite pizza joints to my Funko POP collection to my travels to my ultimate pet peeves, and of course, WRASSLIN!!!! I’ll also be taking suggestions from you guys if there’s any particular topic you would want me to talk about :) 

Talk to you soon!!!!!

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