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Let's Get Ready to *Wrestle* Rumble!!!!

If you’re reading this right now, odds are you probablyyyy like wrestling! And what’s more fun than wrestling?? Betting on wrestling… legally of course ;) Well that’s where Wrestle Rumble comes in! I’ve been playing Wrestle Rumble since 2015! It’s super fun and there’s big prizes every time!

While l I have never won… Yes I could get access to information on matches, but what’s the fun in that… And I am no CHEATER… in all aspects of life ;) My little brother, Mickey, actually won $100 one time and he was over the moon!

The way it works is, you select who you think will be the winner of each match, and sometimes there’s fun bonus questions, like how the match end? DQ, tap out… Etc.

The Royal Rumble is always a fun PPV because you choose who will enter at every number, and you can always make it into a fun drinking game too ;)

With Backlash right around the corner, there are some BIG-A$$ prizes you can win! You could be the brand new father (or mother) of a Winged Eagle, WCW Big Gold, and ECW Championship Belts!!! Not gonna lie that’s pretty SICK! WOOOOOOO!

Backlash is this Sunday (6/14) and you bet I’m coming for those beautiful championship belts! If you think you can win these bad boys, check out to enter! Only 1 buck per entry (not the young type) LOL

Best of luck :)

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